Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

We Value Your Privacy

We understand that your privacy is most important, and we value the trust that you have shown in our website. The privacy policy explains the information that is collected, transferred, used, stored, and disclosed when you use our website. Using our site means you give consent to us regarding the transfer, use, processing, and storage of your information.

NOTE - If you disagree with our practices regarding your information or if you do not want to use your information during emergencies, then do not use this website.

IMPORTANT - This Privacy Policy allows you to resolve all the disputes with us through final, binding arbitration on an individual basis, rather than any jury trials or class actions, and limits the remedies available during the event of a dispute. You acknowledge that you are aware of all the terms of this privacy policy.

Section: 1 - The Information we collect

You are not required to provide us your personal information when you visit our website. But, in case you purchase our product, create an account, register on our website, or make any service request, we do collect your personal information. In addition, the collected information includes:
    •    Your full name and address
    •    Mobile number and email address
    •    Date of Birth
    •    Credit/Debit card information that you use during transaction
    •    Product information that you purchase
    •    Coupon code that you use to purchase your product
    •    Store information
    •    Date on which you have purchased
We may collect the IP address of your computer when you browse our store. The gathered information helps us to know about your operating system. We also send you emails (with your consent) regarding new products and updates.

Section: 2 – How we use that information

If the information that you have provided is not your personal information, then we can use that information for lawful purposes. We mainly use the collected information to analyze trends, track user's movements, and to improve our website and our products/services. But if the collected data is your personal information, then we will use that personal information for the following purposes:
    •    To improve the personal experience and to operate, maintain, and administer the website and services we provide.
    •    To communicate with you regarding the website, products, and services we provide
    •    To market
    •    To conduct research and analysis
    •    To detect and protect against fraud or criminal activities.
    •    To assist lawful acts
    •    To fulfill any other purpose described in the privacy policy

Section: 3 – How we secure your Information

No data transmission over the internet is entirely secure, but the security of your information is important to us. We have implements various security measures, including data encryption and firewall technology, to keep your information safe.
    •    We will use every effort to protect and keep your personal information secure, although we cannot provide the guarantee for the security of any information that you transmit to us.
    •    We will keep your information securely as long as it is not legally required.
    •    In case, you delete your account or your account is terminated; we will not delete the information collected or obtained from the third parties. Instead, we may continue to make use and disclose according to this privacy policy.
    •    If your information is not needed for any of the purposes described in this privacy policy, then we will delete that information.

Section: 4 – Information Sharing to the Third Parties

We do not sell your personal information to the third party for marketing purposes. But, we may share your data or disclose it to the third parties to fulfill your request or when there is a need to improve and operate our website and services. These third parties include:
    •    Warranty service providers
    •    Credit card service companies
    •    Companies who assist us with our internal marketing
    •    Companies who assist us with our internal data analysis
    •    Distributors
    •    Third-party shipping services
    •    Companies who help us with our back-end processing
These companies can contact you directly in the cases specified in the privacy policy. When we share your information about these parties, then they can use it for the purposes mentioned above. Moreover, these third parties also collect information from you and about your use of the website.

Section: 5 - Google analytics

We also use Google to collect information regarding the users of the website, which include their interest-level and demographic information. Google uses cookies and pixels to collect this information from the users who visit the website. We use Google for the following purposes:
    •    To obtain the information regarding pages where users enter and exit the website and what pages users view on the website, the amount of time they spent, and the IP address.
    •    Cookies and pixels help Google to immediately recognize the users when they visit the website, and when they visit other websites.
    •    From that collected information we know about the age, gender, geographic regions, and interest of the users. We also know about the devices used to visit the website and items purchased.

Section: 6 - Children

We do not collect any of the personal information from minors. If you are a minor, you are not required to submit information through this website.
    •    If we learn that the collected data is of a child who is minor, we remove that information immediately and delete it from our servers.
    •     If you think that the content of a minor has been posted to the website, you can contact us using our contact information.

We make every possible effort to make sure that you will become aware of our website services policies. If you want to any changes regarding correction or amendment in your personal information, you have an option to register a complaint. Please do let us know!